Sunil Chalamasetty

Economic Development

  1. Channelizing the Petroleum and Hydro Carbon industries
  2. Initiating Research and Innovation in Bio Technology
  3. Initiating Skill Development Centers
Sunil Chalamasetty


  1. Improve the literacy rate
  2. Provide skill development centers by collaborating with the Corporate
  3. Providing every graduate an opportunity to work or conduct business
Sunil Chalamasetty


  1. Provide infrastructure in schools and colleges like benches, boards and restrooms
  2. Build social infrastructure like roads, flyovers and highways
Sunil Chalamasetty


  1. Provide safe drinking water
  2. Provide sanitation facilities
  3. Upgrade Health Centers
  4. Provide garbage disposal units
Sunil Chalamasetty


  1. Promote eco tourism by showcasing Kakinada's natural resources
  2. Promote cultural tourism by showcasing the ancient temples
  3. Promote the Kakinada Beach as an active recreational and adventure driven spot